Mascara Tips.

1.] instead of doing your mascara in one thick coat, apply it in three light coats allowing it to dry in between.

2.] Before applying mascara lightly roll the brush on a tissue to get rid of extra product so your eyelashes will clump less.

3.] look down into  a mirror when putting on mascara. It will keep it from getting on your eyelid.

4.] you can use mascara as liquid eyeliner in a pinch. Just take an eyeliner brush and run it on the mascara brush until it’s well coated. Then use like you would regular liquid eyeliner. 

webeatonboatsagainstthecurrent asked:

I don't wear makeup on a day-to-day basis so do I have to wear foundation every day? (meaning when I don't wear makeup). Or can I just wear my concealer? (clearly I know little to nothing about makeup).

No, you don’t have to wear foundation everyday. You can get away with only using concealer, just make sure you use it sparingly only in the places you need it. I do that all the time instead of using foundation. You really don’t have to wear anything if you don’t want to and you’re comfortable with it.

I also would  recommend using a tinted moisturizer or BB cream if you really don’t want to wear makeup, but just want a little coverage to even out your skin tone.It’s like a two in one it will help moisturize and protect your skin as well as give you light coverage without being to heavy on your face.  

I hoped that helped thanks for asking!:)